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  • Sahl Hasheesh

    +202 2735 8427

    Sahl Hasheesh, Hurghada, Egypt

    Located on a gorgeous stretch of land along the Red Sea, this premier destination offers a host of exciting activities and opulent resorts nestled in a pristine and protected environment along the Sahl Hasheesh Bay.

    A unique locale among Red Sea beachfronts, Sahl Hasheesh Bay is one of the longest stretches of swimmable shoreline. Beautifully situated along an 11 kilometer shoreline and around a 7 kilometer sandy bay, Sahl Hasheesh is renowned as one of the best swimming and diving spots in Egypt.

    Sahl Hasheesh represents the birth of a new kind of community in Egypt; one that aims not only to make a lasting contribution to the nation, but also the world.