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  • Kempinski Nile Hotel Cairo

    02 27980000

    12 Ahmed Ragheb Street, Cairo, Egypt

    Cornish El Nile


    Offering views unlike any other, The Roof - located on Floor 11, is Kempinski Nile Hotel's luxurious open-air dining venue above the busy streets of Cairo. Here, guests can take in the awe-inspiring sight of the River Nile as the sun sets on the horizon.

    Visitors can make their way up to the clouds to enjoy a few drinks with friends or enjoy late-night dining at The Roof. The small but sumptuous menu presents guests with an authentic taste of Egypt, with freshly prepared mezze trays presenting local ingredients, and a choice of larger main meals, including the Kempinski favourite of beef shawarma, available until late.


    Embark on a journey to the past, and discover the flavours of the Ottoman Empire at Osmanly.

    Serving traditional Turkish dishes, our signature restaurant, Osmanly, offers an exquisite and varied menu seven days a week. Offered options for both lunch and dinner, guests can dine like a Sultan and enjoy a truly unforgettable dining experience at Kempinski Nile Hotel.

    Jazz Bar:

    Projecting an aura of sophisticated simplicity, the Jazz Bar in Kempinski Nile Hotel is set to be Cairo's most exclusive spot. With the hotel based in the modern area of Garden City, guests can spend an enjoyable evening in this premier location.

    Overlooking the River Nile, our wonderfully stylish venue is the ideal place for enjoying a refreshing glass of wine, beer or a handcrafted cocktail. From classic drinks to more experimental flavours to choose from - the staff at the Jazz Bar will be delighted to recommend some of their favourites. The Jazz Bar offers a selection of small, colourful plates too, perfect for a late afternoon snack. Guests can also enjoy special, live entertainment every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 21:30 until 12:30.

    Blue restaurant:

    The Blue Restaurant is a destination for modern Italian cuisine. It offers authentically prepared dishes using only the finest imported meats, fresh seafood and other regional ingredients as you enjoy the ambiance of one of the city's most elegant dining venues. The Blue restaurant serves à la carte dishes, including antipasti, pastas and contemporary main dishes. Our dishes are full of the freshest flavours and the best-quality ingredients to form delicious recipes from the most talented Kempinski chefs.

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    For reservations, email restaurant.cairo@kempinski.com, or call +202 279 80000.