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  • Cairo Jazz Club


    197, 26th Of July St.


    Laid back, hi-energy and fun.

    For well over a decade, Cairo Jazz Club LLC has stood the test of time as Cairo’s ultimate live music hub. The vibe achieved in our venue is a lively engaging one where people can enjoy live music, delicious food and bar selections while feeling right at home.

    In the center of it all, the Cairo Jazz Club stage is notoriously established as a portal for manifesting art and expression through music. It has stood witness to the rise of many fresh talents, regularly hosting the finest live acts in town, as well as international artists. We also make it our mission to tirelessly expose new talents and present them with the space and opportunity to grow; starting grounds for countless artists in the independent music scene. Adamant on catering to all tastes while remaining musically objective, Cairo Jazz Club hosts a different event every day, covering various genres in addition to the occasional themed nights.

    The philosophy that has kept us going thus far is simpler than you would think, “We serve good moods” and that is precisely what is on the menu every day of the week. So if you don’t hate having a good time while feeding your appetite with a delectable, diverse menu and euphorically intoxicating cocktails, then Cairo Jazz Club is the place to be.