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    Transfer of Sanafir & Tiran Islands Ruled Void - For Now


    The soap opera continues, as a court puts a halt to the transfer...

    Five Parties to Go to in Cairo This Week


    The countdown to the weekend has already begun, but there are some delicious events before then...

    U.S. Things Egypt Needs

    It's by no means perfect, but we do envy old 'murica for some of its perks.

    Oshtoora Festival Cancelled....Forever

    One of the Egypt's most popular festivals has gone to hippie heaven...


    Lindsay Lohan has left the world thinking she’s converted to Islam after deleting all her Instagram posts and writing ‘Alaikum salam’ in her bio.


    Four Seasons Nile Plaza's Graffiti recently brought together the joys of sushi and jazz under one roof and they're giving you the chance to win dinner for two...