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  • Zombie Gozombie: Ahmed Abdalla & Andeel Working on First Ever Egyptian Zombie Movie


    While scope of genres in Egyptian film has been slowly but surely expanding over the last decade, the majority of filmic output in the country is still largely dominated by the kind grating slapstick comedy that has given the likes of ‘Ramez’ and ‘Tamer’ a platform to showcase their acting chops.

    One Egyptian director is hoping to break the mold, so to speak, with the Arab world’s first zombie movie, Zombie Gozombie. The director in question is Ahmed Abdalla, who has already made an impact on the film industry – as well as the festival circuit – for ‘alternative’ films such as Microphone, Rags  & Tatters and Decor over the last few years and is set to team up with Mohamed Hefzy and the Egyptian’s Dubai based production company, Fortress Film Clinic.

    Starring Egyptian actor, Ahmed El Fishawy, the only real details that have been released about the plot is that it’s set in the northern governorate of Kafr El Sheikh and begins with a troop of zombies interrupting and causing mayhem at a football match

    On paper, Zombie Gozombie, might seem like another derivative slapstick fest, but the script has been penned by notorious cartoonist and screenwriter, Andeel, who came to prominence during the January 25th Revolution. Speaking to Variety, Hefzy asserts that there are more layers to the project beyond a vicious zombie outbreak.

    “Ahmad Abdalla, in my opinion, never makes a movie just for the sake of being funny or entertaining. He’s always the kind of director who has his voice in the story,” said Hefzy. “This film is more than it just seems: there is something slightly political about a zombie movie coming out of the Middle East today, even though he is trying to hide that.”

    By Kalam El Qahaira