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  • Your Favourite Film Is Getting A Sequel!


    It seems like Ahmed Morad is really going places with his scriptwriting career, and although many people may not know this, he’s writen the sequel to the great ‘El Feel El Azrak’ for direct cinematic adaptation.

    The first part of the movie was released in 2014 and was a huge success, which made him think about creating a sequel, without even giving anyone a hint. Part 1 had a great influence on our Egyptian film industry, and introduced new elements to the scene. It has quickly become one of the best movies, based on an even greater novel.

    We don’t actually know much about the movie or how the story will go, but Nelly Karim stated in her interview with The Insider, that they will begin filming in October, and Karim Abd El Aziz is still the protagonist! But unfortunately, it’s unlikely that Mohamed Mamdouh and Khaled El Sawy will be a part of it as one character left and the other died in the first part.

    We’re pretty excited to see what the sequel has in store for us, and we’re wondering whether or not it will be as amazing as the first one. We surely hope it will be!

    By Sara Mosharef