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  • ‘Your Face Sounds Familiar’ is Coming to the Middle East – And it Sounds Awful


    Egypt, and the Middle East, is generally pretty slow on the uptake when it comes to trends and fads – think skinny jeans, gourmet street-food and, of course, reality TV.

    While celebrity reality shows in particular are still very much alive in the West, the masses have been growing weary and tired of them for years – it’s where celebrities go to lay their careers to rest. Not in the Middle East, though.

    With the likes of Arab Idol and Star Academy (the latter of which was apparently the show with the highest audience share in Egypt during its run) remaining bafflingly popular in this neck of the woods, MBC has announced that it has bought the rights to ridiculously-named, internationally-franchised show, Your Face Sounds Familiar.

    Based on old British program, Stars in Your Eyes, YFSF sees celebrities - in the loosest sense of the term - dress up and perform as an iconic singer.

    But MBC seemingly sees the show as a no-brainer, having also announced that the initial ten episode run will be broadcast during prime time hours on MBC 4 and MBC Masr. I'm going to stick my neck out and say that Bassem needn't fear for his job.