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  • Year Zero is the Coolest Film About Egypt You’ve Never Seen


    In a year that has seen several videos showcasing the beauty of Egypt go viral, few have been made with more depth and panache than that of Year Zero - oh, you haven’t heard of it? Well, that’s probably because it was made by a Costa Rican designer, travel blogger and filmmaker, Nefty Loria, aka Neftali.

    Year Zero sees Loria go one step further than the usual ‘pretty montage’ concept that has become the norm and infuses the film with an interestingly vague and mysterious story line  with the tagline – Humanity enters 500 years of darkness, only the chosen walk the Earth.

    The film has gone on to be received incredibly well in Costa Rica; being chosen by film fans as Reel 13 Best Short Film and being screened at events by South American photography magazine, Fotho, are just a couple of examples of the acclaim it continues to receive – it was even screened on the number one watched network in America, PBS, earlier this year.

    What makes the film even more remarkable is that it was filmed with zero budget and just a Panasonic GH4 & a GoPro Hero3. But it’s not the only short film or video that Loria has done on Egypt. During a 30-day stay in Egypt, Loria found himself with so much great footage, that he also went onto create Islamic Streets of Cairo, Rooftops of Cairo and Sleepwalking in Cairo.

    You can stay up to date with more of Loria’s work on his page Lost N Free.

    By Kalam El Qahaira