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  • What to Follow Online During Ramadan?


    We wait for Ramadan every year for the mouth-watering food, spirituality, family gatherings, and TV shows we stay up all night watching. This year, unfortunately, has been the most disappointing so far. No one is anticipating the next episode like we used to, which is why we decided to help you out. We’re bringing you all the shows and series you can watch online. So, whether you’re not a TV person or you’re just a disappointed viewer, read on. 

    On Youtube:

    Crazy Taxi show


    The funniest prank show you can watch this year in Ramadan so far. Done with almost zero budget with a not so familiar face, Ibrahim El Samman, Crazy Taxi has proven itself in no time. Also, it’s funny, yet without humiliating the guests, freaking them out, or causing them any harm. Kind of gives us hope in good old prank shows. 

    Plant B


    We know what you might be thinking; a docuseries revolving around healthy lifestyle? Sounds boring but it’s actually not. For starters, the host is someone we all love; it’s Bassem Youssef. This means it’s anything but boring; it’s funny and seriously amusing! The content itself is rewarding, and you’ll want to bing-watch the rest of it once you’re done with the first episode. 

    On Netflix:


    The Writer

    Our all-time favourite Syrian Actor, Bassel Khayatt, never disappoints us with his choice of roles. We all love just to watch him do his magic. The series tells the story of a novelist who goes through many thrilling adventures as he gets accused of murder. This surely must be on your binge watch list this Ramadan. Check out our review here.

    What If?

    This show revolves around a case that reflects the question we’ve all asked ourselves at some point in our lives. What if you’re forced to make a certain decision with no going back? How would you handle the consequences?

    Hodn Al Shok

    The series tells the story of a young woman making her way back home after she was taken away from her mother when she was an infant.

    I have a script

    It’s a dark social comedy that tells the story of a woman struggling to reach her dream of being a scriptwriter, desperately wanting a chance to prove herself and her talent.

    It’s never too late for a good show. Grab your laptop, start binge-watching, and let us know what you think in the comment section.



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