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  • What is B*Side? < TITO INTERVIEWED >


    1- What the Bee… is B side ?

    The term “B-side” comes from the vinyl (records) world. It’s used to refer to the flip side of the main release. Lots of hidden gems on that side of the record. So this night’s title plays on that concept. That’s not to say we’re only playing b-sides.

    2- When you say you will be spinning some ” funk, soul, motown, jazz, rare grooves, afro-funk and more” does that mean you are bringing new Orleans to us ? can you share with us a track ?

    Not a New Orleans vibe, though you will hear some blues possibly early on! Each night can be different depending on the dj, but basically its very funky, groovy, and upbeat. You’ll hear some old classics as well as some great stuff from new producers in various genres! Here’s something I’m digging lately:

    3- This kind of music is unique in its own way and new to Cairo ? do you think you are taking a risk with such genre in Cairo ?

    I’ve played a lot of funk in past events either at the beginning or at the end of a house music set and people love it and actually go crazy on the dance floor! Cairo is funky! There is definitely a tendency to want a hard beat for dancing, but there is also a desire for a very friendly upbeat atmosphere laughing with your buddies and letting loose.

    4- how are people expected to dance to this new genius genre ?

    To borrow a cliche “dance like no one is watching” or just in your mind. We feel a lot of people will really dig the music whether they can dance to it or not. But here’s a blast from the past of funky dancing to an old classic classic track you’ll all know smile

    5- do you have a message that you are trying to portray with this genre

    The whole team really loves different beats and funky grooves personally smile So its just nice to put it out there.

    6- Why outdoors as your choice of nacelle latest venue ?

    Cozy, good team, and outdoors by the nile so its really beautiful. The name is quite confusing though! “Where is it? ” “Outdoors?” “Yeah but outdoors where?”

    7- i love graphics, so my question is who designs your flyers ??!! I want them !

    Nacelle people is all I have to say smile

    We encourage all of you to come out to this night, come early, enjoy a great time by the nile with friends to a great soundtrack!