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  • We are monsters!

    We go out every day, well almost  a lot of us, and well we go out mostly to the same areas, we hardly venture out of comfort zone, we are creatures of the night, we run the night.

    and whom am i to complain … all i do is blog about the nightlife … OR IS IT ? ;)

    well lets stick to nightlife for a second, for example, did you try going to Risas before for an easy laid back drink, chilled music, cheap food, but extremely nice atmosphere … the same experience as pub 88, no coincidence since its the same owners !  and the best part of it, its not made for night time only, try going there for lunch at noon !

    Left Bank, also an amazing place to hang out in the morning, that just opened recently, you can bring your own wine to it, but amazing morning place hang out!

    oh there is also the cinema, did you know that following movies are playing

    A Monster in Paris

    Underworld: Awakening

    Black Gold

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

    i actually have no idea what this post is about, but apparently i am suppose to post at least once a day, and my brain can’t really function so i am just typing … yes i am still typing … hoping that some genius idea would come out of me …   yea… no nothing coming out of me.

    anyway back to we are monsters …. we are monsters, and its like for some odd reason did you not notice that all the events are like trying to happen before JAN25, Notice how there isn’t much events scheduled on the event calendar post jan25, well with the exception of the opening O-BAR … on feb 2.  Oh and if you are monster and want to party one last time …. well monday THE 23RD  Misty and Hafez are doing their thing in cairo jazz club…. what they usually do is fight over how cute /ugly  misty’s dog is  … but they do fight differently … they do it with music ! picture of misty’s dog below

    anyway i am done with my friday rant !!! enjoy your weekend you little munchkens