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  • Watch: Misty & Hafez Star in Discovery Channel Promo on Nightlife & Electronic Music in Cairo


    “When people think about Cairo, they think about the Pyramids, the bazaars..but what they don’t know is that there’s so much happening backstage.”

    These are the opening words of a recently released Discovery Channel promo tied in with the ThisIsEgypt campaign – a promo that reveals an alternative side of Egypt’s capital to the world.

    Showcasing the increasing popularity of electronic music as more than just club background music, the one-minute video features DJs Misty and Hafez, who go on to speak about Cairo developing its own sound and even becoming a platform in which “electronic music is leading the way.”

    While promos carrying the ThisIsEgypt tag have largely focused on showcasing Egypt’s beaches, antiquities and other historically significant sights, this one is very much geared at putting the spotlight on a more contemporary Egyptian experience. What kind of impact it could have is yet to be seen, but with it airing on all Discovery Network channels, it at least shows Egypt as a more diverse culture than is believed by most.

    By Kalam EL Qahaira