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  • Watch: JuneO Releases Egypt’s First Hyper-Lapse Music Video (and it’s Pretty Cool)


    What ever you might think of it, the advent of the #ThisIsEgypt campaign has brought with it a new appreciation for (photographing) Egypt. While many will continue to question the campaign, it does at least put the spotlight on Egypt’s natural beauty and even the beauty of its hectic urban life – two things that are very much at the forefront of a new music video from Egyptian-American recording artist and producer, JuneO. As part of his Stay Curious music project, JuneO is joined by Palestinian-Cuban singer, Heyam, for Wicked Games – a lively, occasionally bouncy, r&b-inspired number that also weaves in an Oriental vibe to boot.

    The video couldn’t be in better hands, with Egyptian filmmaker, Hisham Moll, directing, shooting and editing the video – and it’s pretty darn awesome.

    Find out more about JuneO on Facebook, SoundCloud and Instagram.

    By Kalam El Qahaira