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  • Watch: Cairokee’s New Breathtaking Song About AIDS & HIV

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    As always, Cairokee knows how to speak for other people, how to help them, and how to comfort them as well! The band have taken it upon themselves to join in the battle with AIDS & HIV patients in their pursuit of acceptance in the Egyptian community, as part of a larger national campaign to raise awareness on AIDS & HIV and the stigma that surrounds it. Starring two of the youngest and most well-known stars (Ahmed Malek & Salma Abo Deif), the video outlines the harsh reality of those who suffer because of the virus, and how the community does little to help. From the video’s comments, it is clear that it has touched a lot of hearts. We’re not talking any more about the song; its humanity dressed in art, so listen and enjoy!


    By Sara Mosharef