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  • Watch Ahmed Ezz’s First TV Audition From 1995

    ahmed ezz

    Ahmed Ezz can rightly be considered one of the biggest working actors in Egypt right now, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing for star of Malaki Eskenderia and El Masla7a, as a video of showing his very first audition shows.

    Dated 1995, the clip shows a 25 year-old Ezz auditioning for a TV commercial – a commercial that he was rejected for. The video is harmless enough, but some Ezz fans are speculating online that there are devious motives behind its release. Some are suggesting that it was released with the intent to disrupt his career by Egyptian actress, Zeina, as the two continue their messy battle in court.

    More importantly, however, is that the audition was 19 years ago and Ezz hasn’t seemed to have aged very much.

    By Gemima Flashback