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  • TUT: Tutankhamun Mini-Series Praised by Audiences, Panned by Critics


    In Ancient Egypt’s rich and complex history, few figures have baffled and caused more intrigue than the boy-king, Tutankhamun. This is especially the case in the west and a new mini-series from Spike TV has taken a different approach to the 18th Dynasty Pharaoh.

    Tut has been produced as a six-hour series that explores Tutankhamun’s struggle to control his empire and his mysterious and much-speculated-on death, with Canadian actor, Avan Jogia, playing the title role and the always brilliant, Ben Kingsley, starring as Grand Vizier Ay.

    The series isn’t by any stretch of the imagination a faithful reflection of what we know about Tutankhamun – the series leans more to the action genre, with the eponymous character presented as an all-action, shoot-first-ask-questions-later leader. Despite this, audiences have praised the show, primarily for its casting and acting. Shot in Morocco,  the first episode saw 1.7 million viewers tune in – a record for Spike TV wit this type of show.

    But Tut hasn’t fared so well with the critics; The New York Times and Variety have criticised the show’s ‘camp silliness’ and its lack of any real innovation. But then again, Ben Kingsley is in it and anything that Ben Kingsley is in is alright with us.

     By Gemima Flashback