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  • Watch: Torab El Mas Has Finally Been Adapted into a Film

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    A couple of years ago it was announced that ‘Torab El Mas’, a novel by Ahmed Morad, was going to be turned into a movie.  The news, however, faded into the background when Ahmed Helmy started to back down from playing the lead role. Recently, it was announced that the film was finally back on track, and was saturated with star power: Director Marwan Hamid, Shirin Reda, Menna Shalaby, Maged El Kedwany, Asser Yassin, Mohamed Mamdouh, Eyad Nassar and more!

    The novel needs no introduction, it’s one of Ahmed Morad’s best-selling books, and to be honest, he has mastered turning his novels into movies; throwback to ‘El Fel El Azrak’. This film will hit cinemas soon, and we just can’t keep calm! We don’t know who’s playing which characters yet, because the teaser left us more confused than ever. We don’t want to tell you more, just watch the teaser.


    By Sara Mosharef