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  • This Is Why Youssef El Sherif Is Number 12 on YouTube’s Trending Page

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    We actually had no idea this movie was being filmed in the first place. In fact, it didn’t just surprise us, it surprised everyone. The movie ‘Banny Adam’ stars Youssef El Sherif who seems to be taking a leap with action and abandoning suspenseful thrillers, which have been his game for quite some time now.

    We’re pretty sure there’s something we still don’t get, and probably won’t until the last minute of the movie! The trailer seems to be very ambiguous and confusing when it comes to the plot. However, what we do know is that the film stars Dina El Sherbiny, Ahmed Rizk, Hannah El Zahed (who is playing a really different and new character for her), and finally Bayoumi Fouad. The trailer is already number 12 on YouTube’s Trending Page.