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  • This Egyptian Actor Is Starring in Nicolas Cage’s Upcoming Movie


    Remember the actor you used to make fun of? Well, he’s now really going places you’ve never even dreamt about! Mohamed Karim is starring in a Hollywood movie alongside the one and only Nicolas Cage.

    Nicolas Cage’s upcoming movie “A Score to Settle” is about a man who spent 22 years in prison, and is out to take revenge on his bosses, and one of them is Mohamed Karim! Can you even believe this?

    Karim even told World Entertainment News Network (WENN) “I had an amazing experience. All the action scenes are between me and Nic in the movie, which is awesome.” It surely is awesome, probably all of you who made fun of him are actually envying him now, and you should, we all should!

    By Sara Mosharef

    Cover by Hollywood.com