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  • These Egyptian Films Made It to the Ongoing 71st Cannes International Film Festival


    Here comes the festival where the best films are screened and the best dresses are worn. Cannes Film Festival started on the 8th of May and will be ending on the 19th of May. It is taking place, of course, in Cannes, France, duhh! The opening film of the festival was ‘Everybody Knows’, and it is also confirmed that the closing one will be ‘The Man Who Killed Don Quixote’.

    But, here’s the surprise; one of our classics movies of all time will be screening on Sunday May 13th. Youssef Shahin’s masterpiece aka ‘El Maseer’ is what we’re talking about everyone! This movie has always been a very heartbreaking and astonishing movie to watch. We’ve all grown up watching it and loving all the dances, the crying, and for sure for the talent of our beloved director. Rest in peace, sensei.

    But the even greater surprise is the fact that Egyptian cinema is returning to the Festival, and competing for the coveted Palme d’Or. This year, the Egyptian film directed by Abu Bakr Shawki, ‘Yomeddine’ has been chosen to participate! And the last time any Egyptian film was a part of the festival was back in 2012, with director Yousry Nasrallah and his film ‘After The Battle’.

    The announcement came as a surprise because this film was produced quietly and without the need of adding any well-known actors. The film is based on a true story and real-life character that Shawki met while filming ‘The Colony’, which by the way is an award-winning documentary. So we’re pretty sure it’s going to do just great. We are super excited about the screenings, and cannot wait to know who wins what!


    By Sara Mosharef