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  • These Are a Few of HanyMust’s Favourite Things


    At Cairo Gossip, we like to get up close and personal with Egypt’s VIPs. After all, they’re human just like you.  This time round, we sat down with indie music artist HanyMust, to find out how the soloist and member of Glass Onion & Egoz ticks. 

    These are a few of his favourite things:

    Favourite colour: Ruby.

    Favourite shape: I think a square…

    Favourite dish: Molokheya!

    Favourite snack food: Daim chocolate.

    Favourite song: Oh, that’s a hard one. At the moment, Daydreaming by Radiohead.

    Favourite artist: Beethoven. I have a picture of the house where he was born on my wall.

    Favourite item of clothing you own: A floral, hipster button-down shirt – it makes me feel comfortable.

    Favourite animal: Dogs.

    Favourite TV commercial: That Old Spice commercial with the ‘now I’m on a horse’ etc.

    Favourite memory: My first-ever concert as a solo artist in 2010.

    Favourite show/series: At the moment, Suits.

    Favourite app: Plants vs. Zombies.

    Favourite person: My mother.

    Favourite number: 10 – it’s an even number, and my birthday!

    Favourite drink: Fresh orange juice.

    Favourite scene in nature: Lac Leman in Switzerland

    Favourite holiday destination: Also Switzerland!

    Favourite dream you’ve had: I had one where I was hanging out with my favourite artists, like Sting. I actually met him in real life!

    Favourite movie: As Good As it Gets

    Favourite Egyptian musician: Mohamed Abdel Wahab


    Now you know!

    By Salma Thanatos Rizk

    (Header image courtesy of Khaled Zohny Photography/HanyMust on Facebook)