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  • The Most Anticipated Ramadan TV Shows Are Not Going to Air as Planned


    We have all got our lists of what we are going to watch: the when, the where, and the how. However, something killed a bit of the excitement we had for two of the most anticipated series, because they aren’t going to air on TV, as promised.

    The first series is Yousra’s ‘Ladina Akwal Okhra.’ This series was the talk of the town over the past couple of days/weeks. Mainly because a bunch of superstars like Yousra, Shirin Reda, Naglaa Badr, Ahmed Hatem, and many many more, are part of it. Also, because Fadel Shaker is back again, and has sang the series’ opening credits!


    Everyone was going crazy over the song, but apparently, crazy doesn’t cut it, because ON E TV will not be airing the series. We have no idea why, but of course you all still have the chance to either watch it online, or on other Arab channels such as SBC; or just subscribe to OSN if you have got the dimes.

    The second series, “Ard El Nefak,” stars our great comedian, Henedy. After a very long absence, Henedy was back participating in Ramadan’s marathon, and everyone was dying for this series to come out.



    He even started creating online competitions on who will take a picture like his poster on their Instagram account. Not just that, but he tried to involve his audience more and more, by asking them to find a slogan for his series.



    After all that, he announced that his series isn’t going to air in Ramadan at all. Regardless, because our Ramadan is blessed and because everyone loves “alsh & e2fehat” Henedy, he ended up announcing that the series will be airing. Hold your horses folks, ‘Ard El Nefak’ is back, but also online and on other Arab channels because of the unknown ON E TV issue. 



    The TV shows are still there, but it is a pain in the a** for the lazy peeps out there to find a needle in a haystack of channels. All that being said, ON E TV has not issued any official statement on the matter.

    By Sara Mosharef