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  • The Misty & Hafez Interview

    Misty and Hafez might be new to some but definitely not to a lot! You have heard them in I AM MUSIC, you have heard them all over the place, and they recently signed up with 1984 management to be their booking agents. And well, most importantly after the success of their debut in Cairo Jazz Club a few weeks ago, they are returning this Wednesday again to the Jazz Club with the mission of bringing the club down! But that’s not important; what’s more important is Misty’s Chihuahua!! So we went and Asked Misty and Hafez about the little doggie


    What’s the name of your dog?

    Noche, because he is a little black Chihuahua

    Isn’t your dog a little bit gay?

    Well he has a bright pink collar, so yea he is very gay, but in my defence he is my sisters dog. What is Fishie’s obsession with my Chihuahua?

    Fishie: its all over Facebook, it has more pictures than Paris Hilton, I cant escape it!  The pictures are like in the weirdest positions ever!

    Rumor has it that you are leaving the country?

    Its true, I am heading to Canada, Montréal, but nothing is for certain yet.

    Are you planning on Djing there?

    I would be stupid if I didn’t.

    Why are you going?

    To finish my studies.

    Who was your favorite vocalist that you worked with?

    Shady Noor, he is very eccentric, he knows what he is doing and he sings rock/heavy metal. So its great to work with people who are not in the same field and don’t share the same musical background.

    What is the track that makes people crazy?

    Its actually between You’ve Got Me Out (Marco LYS Remix) by Channing and this amazing underground remix of Chris Brown’s ‘Beautiful People’ that can turn any club upside down. This remix is a secret though!

    In terms of production, how is it going for you?

    At the moment, I’ve released records through labels in London, Serbia, Spain, Russia and other places. It’s going very well, I’m working on two new vocal tracks with very talented Egyptian vocalists. I’m also being contacted for remixes for pretty big names. In terms of Hafez and I, we finished a few tracks, which we are playing at our gigs for the moment to see how the crowd will react to them. However, there is very big, exciting news about one of our new tracks, concerning a huge international vocalist. Nothing can be revealed now but its very exciting news!

    Do you think Hafez’s fat?

    He has a very cute kersh, but you have to give him credit because he tries to work out but fails miserably.

    Have you always been playing the same style of music?

    I first started listening to very melodic progressive music, but then slowly started moving to house and techno. Then when Hafez and I met, we got addicted to the funky and driving tech house scene.

    How did you meet Hafez?

    I was playing in a party and Hafez was warming up for me and that’s how I met him.

    How did duo of Hafez & Misty come?

    We are all one big group of friends. One day Hafez came to my studio and we started working on some music, since then he never. It’s now a weekly thing!!

    Do you have something embarrassing about Hafez?

    He always has a very funny, embarrassing dance that he does while DJing. I’ll film it and post it in YouTube one day!!!


    What do you think of Misty’s little dog?

    I hate him, he is the gayest shit ever, I go to Misty’s 2-3 times a week, and that little freak just barks like hell until I actually kick it.

    How did you meet Misty?

    I met misty when we were young, we both played at this high school party, I was warming up for him.


    What is the story behind Misty’s nickname for you, ‘bandana boy’?

    When we first met, we were pretty young, I had long hair, and so I had a bandana to tie it up, so Misty ever since called me that. To be honest I hate that name its ridiculous and he does it to piss me off.

    Tell me something funny about misty, that public doesn’t know?

    At parties he always walks around with the same drink all night, he likes to pretend that he drinks a lot. Sadly, it’s always that one same drink.

    So now to the music, what Genre do you like playing?

    Look to be honest with you I just call it dance music with everything to it’s left and right! Our last Gig in Cairo Jazz Club we played techno, Nudisco, big room house, tech house, everything! In 5 hours we played basically all genres and people couldn’t stop dancing.

    Where did you play before?

    Well as a duo, we warmed up for DJ Bobina (DJ MAG #25), and then came the Le Deck ‘Say Hello’ event. Finally, in Gouna, we played at the ‘I Am Music’ event. I played alone introducing Spanish DJ Abel Ramos in Buddha bar, for my bestfriend’s birthday.

    So who is your Favorite Egyptian DJ?

    Ali Bahgat, he is an amazing breakthrough, he is crazy! Misty and I are also very huge fans of Hisham Zahran; we love his underground taste.

    What track when you drop, the people go crazy for?

    It was the most unexpected track for me, its ‘The House of Love’ by DJ PP, which was the craziest track dropped in the last gig at Cairo Jazz Club.

    I used to love this track from long ago, when I first got it, but Misty was hesitant about it. It just took me a matter of seconds to play it considering how the people were going crazy. As soon as we dropped it, people just started jumping around.

    Which track do you love but you feel the Egyptian crowd is not fond of?

    I think Egyptians can dance to anything as long as they have the right dose of mind-altering substances or alcohol. They just stop dancing when they’re tired.  

    Do you and misty have any disagreements when performing live on the decks?

    In the beginning, when we used to be nervous about it, he would say it wont be the best to play this or that right now, and we would disagree for a while. In the end though we would end up playing it. It used to happen a lot but now it’s starting to get less, I think it’s about more trust now.

    I heard your laptop got stolen with all of your music, what did you do about that?

    It was miserable!! We were in hacienda, when we got back to our house, we found our shit stolen. I had a remix Misty and I were working on for a competition; I also had all my projects I had intended to release, no backup though!!! So you can say that I pretty much got screwed!!! Moreover I had to play at a party in Amici Blue the week following the incident, so Misty had to send me CDs with all the tracks, it was the worst day of my life!!