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  • Calm Down: The Dire Straits Experience IS Coming to Egypt


    There’s been a furious will-they-won’t-they back-and-forth going on amidst local music circles regarding the news of the Dire Straits Experience coming to Egypt. Initial school girl/boy excitement when the gig was first announced was quickly dampened by rumours of its cancellations.

    Well, fear not because it is on – SO on.

    Though the legendary British band drew the curtains on a remarkable career over 20 years ago – bar a brief reunion in the early 90s – Marc Knopfler and co have immortalised the band in music history as one of the most critically acclaimed, commercially successful and all-round bad-ass melancholic bands ever to come out of London.

    Egypt will be getting a little a taste of it come Friday January 22nd, as the Dire Straits Experience comes to Soma Bay.

    But what is ‘The Dire Straits Experience’ Exactly?

    Good question. Now, Marc Knopfler isn’t going to be coming to Egypt (sigh), but what the Dire Straits Experience does afford you is saxophone extraordinaire, Chris White, who was with the band between 1985 and 1990, alongside Terence Reis – who fronted the band during a special 2011 charity show at the Royal Albert Hall in London. Performing as ‘The Straits’, the performance was a huge success; so much so that White and Reis began to receive invitations to play across the world soon after and they did exactly at – the next three years saw the rejigged group play over 150 shows in 25 different countries.

    Young at heart: White and Reis will follow the Soma Bay concert with 2 months of solid gigging around the UK.

    That was enough for White and Reis to create what is now known as the Dire Straits Experience; joined by some of the most talented and seasoned musicians in the UK – musicians that have worked with the likes of everyone from Eric Clapton, Paul McCartney and Elton John, to David Bowie, Mick Jagger and Van Morrison – the twosome have been touring the world, resurrecting Dire Straits’ distinctive rootsy pub rock sound.

    For information on the packages – transport, accommodation and concert entry – available, call the event’s official travel agency, Traveline Vacations on 19729. Like, now.