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  • Ten Questions for Tosel & Hale


    Ian Tosel and Dean Hale are no strangers to Cairo; in fact, as per Cairo nightlife etiquette dictates, the Greek DJing duo are honorary Egyptians by this point, having featured on some pretty phat events in Om El Donya over the last few years.

    But like so many that visit this land of beastly beauty, they’ve caught the bug – you know, the bug that inexplicably makes people want to come back to Cairo – and return for their umpteenth visit for a special gig at Cairo Jazz Club on Monday 16th of February alongside Cairo’s own Shady Ezz.

    Welcome back to Cairo! Why on earth do you keep coming back?

    It’s really easy to answer this question – Egyptians definitely know how to party! We’re pretty sure that every DJ would enjoy playing here, like we do.

    Yeah, us Egyptians know how to tear it up. How does the Greek party scene differ to the Egyptian party scene?

    It’s a whole different story. Many people love and support the scene, but unfortunately bars and clubs don’t.

    Tell us about your very first gig in Egypt.

    It was a really great experience that made us wanna come and play here again and again. People are really connected and, as we have already said, “Egyptians definitely know how to party”!

    So how did this start? How did Tosel & Hale first meet?

    We’ve been best friends for almost twenty years, so our common love for music created “Tosel & Hale”.

    What would be your dream venue to perform in?

    Green Valley (Brazil) is the place!

    Who or what is the single biggest influence on your sound?

    There are many influences in our sound, coming from a lot of different artists and genres through time, so it’s difficult to name some specific influences. We started dealing with music production in 2005 and our style has changed a lot since then. Every period of time has its own sound and its own influences. Talking about nowadays, there are many artists we admire, like Patrick Podage, Finnebassen, Mark Lower, Moe Turk, Monte, just to name a few. Thank God, we’ve had the chance to collaborate with some of them.

    Nice. Do you have any musical guilty pleasures? I don’t tell many people this, but I really quite like Taylor Swift’s new song…

    Hale: Actually, yes -  Usher and Pitbull’s DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love. Pitbull made me feel guilty…

    Tosel: I think that a musical pleasure can never be guilty, so I don’t have any.

    Damn, Tosel - that's pretty deep. Ok, well if you could get rid of any DJ in the world, who would it be? I’d get rid of David Guetta – his hair annoys me as much as his music.

    Hahaha, we're not haters! Everyone has their own personality, their own way to express themselves and their own taste of music. If he's feeling good with what he orshe does, it’s absolutely no problem for us. Regarding David Guetta - just because you’ve mentioned him - we wouldn’t listen to his music too, nowadays, but we used to be fans of his music fifteen years ago. We choose to focus on what we do and not on what others do.

    How diplomatic of you. If you guys weren’t DJs, what would you be doing?

    Tosel: Well, in fact, we do have day-jobs. I’m dealing with rural and surveying Engineering, but if you asked me what my dream was since I was a little kid, I would definitely like to have been a professional football player!

    Hale: I work as a field service engineer for medical equipment - I love my job as much as I love music.

    What’s in store for Tosel & Hale in 2015?

    A few days ago, our EP Don’t Get Mad at Me was released on Sleazy Deep. It includes the original mix along with some strong remixes by Rob Made, Moe Turk and Patrick Podage. We ourselves have remixes on You Got Me Baby by Deepjack & Mr.Nu, Keep Believing by Anton Ishutin & Pepper Cats and Trust Me by Olej & Stereoteric, with vocals by Kristina Tiurina.

    On the other hand, we have some stuff in the queue to be released soon - an original track titled Nobody’s Way, which is going to be released on Greek label, Us & Them Records, followed by Manuel Kane, Pete Bellis, George Absent and Liva K remixes. This EP is a totally 'Greek' one, as all the artists involved are Greeks. We also have some upcoming remixes on Dear Deer, Indiana Tones and LoveStyle Records, and we’ve had the honour and pleasure of remixing one of the most respected artists out there, Marc O’Tool. This remix will be released on a new label called Neon Stardust.

    At the moment, we're working on some new original stuff.

    Get acquainted with Tosel & Hale on their Facebook and SoundCloud pages - see you at CJC on the 16th.