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    Ten Questions for Amr Mohey of Besworx


    Social media has been abuzz over the last month or so with the launch of new independent music label, Besworx. It’s the talk of Cairo’s DJing community right now and, being shameless trend–chasers, Cairo Gossip sat down with one of the brains behind it, seasoned music producer and DJ, Amr Mohey, for a little chat about how you can get signed, where you can get your hands on the music, and a dude called Bes.

    -Let’s start with Bes – he’s an unusual mascot, no?

    We knew we wanted to represent Egypt in some way, but we know picking the name of one of the Gods is kind of a cliché .After reading up about him, he resonated with us. He was the original creator of loud music and symbolised the good things in life like music, dancing and pleasure. He was only really recognised by the common people and looked down upon by royals and the elite. So yeah, it kind of rings a bell for us.

    - Talk to me about the team; what do you guys bring to the table?

    We’re a group of tight friends who have always been into music and the arts. Slim [Nasr] and I have been playing and producing for years and have experience in signing and working with various artists and labels. Slim is also our 24/7 tech geek. Rebecca is our whip-cracker and handles the art along with Marwa, our event organiser. We also have our resident artists who support us with amazing music! 

    Some of the talent – the faces of men that don’t mess around when it comes to music.

     -So what’s the plan? What do you hope to achieve through Besworx?

    We purely want to have a label, based in Egypt, which is recognised for its consistency in releasing quality material and to show the world what we have to offer here in the form of real talent. It was something we talked about for years but only recently felt we could really start, as people have become more aware and receptive.

    -So what kind of sounds can be expected? Are there particular genres and sub-genres you’re focused on?

    Expect a darker and deeper vibe; techno, tech house and deeper house cuts. Though our artist albums may have a more experimental, electronica feel.

    -Here’s a biggie; what makes you guys special? What does Besworx brings to Egypt that wasn’t already available? TELL ME!

    Hopefully, a label that puts Egypt on the electronic music map, is artist focused, consistent in quality and is a platform for artists to showcase their work.

    -Good answer. As I understand, Besworx also accepts and showcases artwork, not just music.

    Yes, were partnering up with some local and international artists to illustrate our releases. It keeps things different and creative and supports the relationship between music and art. We credit and promote the artist on all our social platforms and will showcase the artwork at our label nights; maybe even have prints available to buy. For info on artwork submission, visit our website.

    -Nice. So if I’m an up-and-coming artist looking to get signed, what’s the process? How do I get in touch, and what happens after that?

    If producers feel like they have material that fits our sound, we’re more than happy to give them a listen. They can send at least two tracks to demos@besworx.com and we’ll contact them. If it suits us, we’ll ask them to render the track to specific formats and then we will send it off for mastering. We’ll then see whether it would fit in a compilation or as a personal EP. Then it’s scheduled for release, which normally takes a little while. 

    -Now, let’s be honest; music labels aren’t exactly money-making machines – should we expect event management in your near future?

    Yeah, it’s never been about making money; it’s more of a labour of love. Above all, we’re more focused on releases, but of course we’ll be throwing our own label nights and teaming up with other small international labels to do artist exchanges.

    -We heard snippets of Audistory, it sounds massive! That’s what the kids say, right? Anyway, where can we grab it?

    Thanks! Audistory will be a series of compilations, released every quarter. Chapter one will be available to buy on Beatport on Monday 19th of January and then on all major digital music stores two weeks later.

    -And what's next for Besworx? What does 2015 hold?

    Next is my own EP, ‘Boots & Knickers’, with remixes from Gaser El Safty and Hassan Abou Alam. And then...[Amr disappears in a puff of smoke and a crescendo of evil laughter.]

    Stay up to date on Besworx with their fly social media game:

    Instagram: besworx
    Twitter: @besworx