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  • Syrian Singer & Beloved Songstress, Faia Younan is in the Guinness World Records


    Your beloved Syrian singer, Faia Younan, made it to the history books, girls and boys. Being the first female Arab singer to crowdfund a debut single has paved the way for her to enter the Guinness World Records Book.

    The artist was announced by Guinness officials as the first artist to solely use crowdfunding to finance her debut single “Ohebbou Yadayka”. No artist has ever done that before, at the very least not one in the Arab world.

    Younan’s first appearance in the spotlight was in 2014 when the video titled “To Our Countries” that she and her sister, Rihan, made went viral and got more than six million views on YouTube alone.

    After receiving all that love and positivity from the public, Faia dedicated her time to her music, and moved to Lebanon so she could focus her efforts on making Arabic music. A win for us!

    Her first performance in Egypt was at the Cairo Opera House in August 2016, after which Egyptians went even crazier over her. The very patriotic songs she created became very memorable to us and spoke volumes about her character: she’s someone who is deeply in tune with her Arab roots.

    Since then, we have seen her enchanting larger crowds at Bibliotheca Alexandria, Cairo International Convention Center, and Cairo Opera House. We honestly can’t wait for another performance!

    By Dina Khafagy