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  • Superman – Man of Steel (Review – NON-Blooper)


    I usually am not a person to review movies, because every movie I go to is naturally great. I love all movies equally and I dont like to discriminate between movies.

    But this movie, Superman – Man of Steel! three words, OH MY GOD!

    This was completely unexpected! I will not give any bloopers into the movie, because that is just annoying.

    But here is one thing, I thought the movie would be just another stupid action movie. But hell, the director really played well on playing with human emotions, the movie in the very first half was just too dramatic, in the good since, at points the whole theater was tearing! yes we teared watching superman! that is how good the director is! Then the second half started the action part, and it was good action, where you are sitting on the edge of the seat holding the arm rest and just cant wait for the next millisecond!