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  • Sounds of a Nation: Hassan El Shafei Takes on His Most Random Musical Challenge


    What happens when you put Hassan El Shafei in a studio with thousands of random sounds? You get the singer-songwriter and producer’s latest hit-in-the-making. Yes, the man that brought you such hits as Mayestahlooshee and early 2016 summer hit with Shady Ahmed, Lessa Fi Kaman, has taken on his most random musical experiment yet, with Pepsi’s Sound of a Nation challenge.

    Said challenge, issued to El Shaffei in December 2015, called on music fans across Egypt to capture a sound that speaks to the life in Egypt and send it in. From there, El Shafei called on his production skills to pool samples from all across the country into a pretty darn hot track that’s perfect for the summer.

    As one of the most increasingly popular musicians in Egypt, the track pay tribute to El Shafei’s jack of all trades talent with more collaboration with Pepsi expected. So hot is Mr El Shafei right now, that he also took on the challenge for Saudi Arabia – but Egypt’s one is better, obviously. Ta7ya Masr, Ta7ya Masr!

    For more information, check out the official Hassan El Shafei Facebook page.