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  • Sound of Sahel: Essential Summer Tunes


    As we edge closer to Eid, dreams of sun, sea and sand infest our brains with everything that could be. Like some kind of holy pilgrimage, Cairo’s young and trendy will descend on the beaches of Sahel with one intention: to party.

    Egypt has a peculiar and obsessive relationship with music; from Adele to Daft Punk, DJs and clubs tend to leech on any kind of musical buzz and bleed every last drop out of it before the next obsession arrives.

    But we say ‘no to fads’ and after an exhaustive search, here are four pieces of musical engineering that will make your summer.


    Fahim – Barracuda (Original Mix)

    One half of Student DJ Finalists, Aguizi & Fahim, releases a track that is guaranteed to shake the dancefloor. Bet good money they’ll drop it in Sahel with a sick acapella.


    Sharam Jey feat. Kolombo – Nonstop! (Original Mix)

    A big name in the indie/nu disco scene, Sharam Jey had club-goers in a trance with  ‘Gonna Get You’ earlier this year.  Subsequently, big things are expected – and he hasn’t disappointed.


    Nicky Romero – Legacy (Vicetone Remix)

    2013 may as well be called the year of Romero. His rise from mediocrity to stardom in such a short span of time is nothing short of remarkable.


    Axwell – Center of the Universe (Remode)

    Ex-Swedish House Mafia main man, Axwell, has just released the chart-topping single of the summer. Nothing less than one would expect.

    Party on, guys.