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    Risas Lounge & Bar
    Risas Lounge & Bar
    Risas Lounge & Bar


    I have to admit, i quiet like the competition that Risas is doing, i mean its not every other day that you see a bar/lounge do something different. Basically Risas launched in the beginning of March, a competition to find its own sound, a sound that is different than the rest of the mainstream, a sound that is lounge and chill and that is fitting of the venue, and while it was doing this competition it realized that bar & lounges or even clubs in egypt don’t have sound cloud accounts, where people who go there if they like the music they can always just go to their sound cloud and download/stream that music, which lead them to create their own soundcloud http://soundcloud.com/risaslounge

    so the competition they created got a lot of attention from both known sounds and new sounds … each had their own interpretation of what the sound of Risas should be like, and below are the entries of the sound of Risas. To cast your vote for the DJ to win simply just click on Save to my favorites, or Like this track, you can always revisit the competitions sound cloud group by going to to this link


    I have been following the competition very closely, and well here is a brief  bio and background on each of the submissions in order of the date of submission

    Dj Lyon Avakian : is the resident Dj of Tamarai, and has played also in places Such as Cheers, hi heels,Latex, loubergine, Mojito, Buddha Bar (Cairo), Club 35, He has played along international DJ’s such as: John Kelly, Dejavu, Ravin , Sam popat, Edward Maya are just a few.  Lyon submission took the classical chill out lounge style, where its dependent on vocal and seductive tunes.

    Dj Batawi : is a young DJ and a fresh voice,  a self-taught, up & coming DJ and producer. He started his career at the age of 15.  His approach to the sound of Risas, was more targeted on the DEEP HOUSE approach of lounge music.

    Dj Omar Fayyad: is also a new sound, who i as fishie have kept my eyes on for a  while now and being supported by a number of DJs in his genre, he is a sound to keep your eye out on, he specializes also in Deep house, and hence his submission to the sound of Risas based on Deep House

    Dj Mostafa Sadek: i have no background on him, as he is a new talent in cairo, but he also took the deep house approach to sound of Risas competition

    Dj ZawZaw:  Real name is George Sousou, also no background information on and he is a new sound to cairo, but his approach to the competition was interesting, he captured the chill out, worldly music vibe, mixing between french and engish and some how arabic beat which seems some how the sounds of chill in cairo

    DJ Migo: Dj Migo (Magued Youssef) is a talent that we all know and seen him play in Cairo Jazz Club, and just recently Tamarai, and has played in the summer with Star Lounge and Amici Blue, among a number of of other places.  His approach to the Sound of Risas was a set that was a mixture of lounge with funky uplifting house beats… he called it the STARTER, as in Migo vision this how people should start their night out before going out.