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  • Sharmoofers & Mounir Will Be Performing Next Month!


    The king, Mohammed Mounir, will be performing at the start of the next month, 1st of March, at Family Park, New Cairo. A week later, Sharmoofers will be debuting their newest album, ‘Enfesam’, at Al Manara International Conference Center on the 8th of March.

    The concerts come as both the artists celebrate releasing new albums. As for Mounir, we expect some nostalgia, fresh songs, and the Mounirian vibe that we all love.

    Sharmoofers, on the other hand, are a totally different story. We got used to their popping beats and funky tunes and, as is evident from their latest teaser video, those beats are back.

    Currently, there are two classes of tickets available for Mounir’s concert, the regular and VIP (high tables), costing LE200 & LE500, respectively. As of now, they are not available for booking, but soon they will be through ticketsmarche.com

    Sharmoofers have only the regular ticket available at LE150, and you can head to ticketsmarche.com to reserve your spot now.