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  • Saudi Arabia To Screen an Egyptian Movie for the Very First Time


    We’re the heroes when it comes to anything funny! That’s why, when Saudi Arabia decided to screen an Arabic movie in its cinemas for the very first time, they chose an Egyptian comedy movie! 

    Saudi Arabia started screening movies a while ago, and they started it with The Pink Panther back in April, but now they’ve decided to screen ‘El Badla’. This film was a huge hit in Egyptian cinemas; it was funny, unique, and family friendly. Maybe this is why Saudi Arabia chose to screen this film in particular. In any case, we are extremely happy to see this cross-cultural exchange occur, and we are proud to witness the Egyptian film industry recover.


    The movie stars Tamer Hosny, Akram Hosny, and Amina Khalil, and we’re telling you, if you haven’t watched it yet, you’re missing out on a lot!


    By Sara Mosharef