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  • Saba7 El Hustle: SFNX & E Money’s New Track is Catchy as Hell

    saba7 el hustle header

    Many continue to wrongly assume that there’s no hip-hop scene in Egypt. Granted, it’s still very mucch underground, but with the likes of Abyusif, Kordy and Zap Tharwat making waves, it’s a movement that is definitely on the rise. Two other guys on the forefront are SFNX and E Money.

    The Arabian Knightz stalwarts lead the charge with a new track, Saba7 El Hustle, produced by Mohamed Jamaica.

    Having been brought up in LA, SFNX’s eclectic hip-hop influences are on display once more through his English verses, while E Money’s sharp, urgent Arabic vocals play perfectly into the upbeat track, while the Raed Al Murish-directed video even features a couple of faces that hip-hop fans will recognise.

    You can download the track for free here and stay up to date with Arabian Knightz via Facebook.

    By Kalam El Qahaira