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  • Ricky Martin Rumoured to Be Performing in Egypt This Summer


    OH GOD I HOPE SO. Sorry, but the news that Latino heartthrob, Ricky Martin, may drop by in Cairo at the end of the summer as part of his One World tour has my loins in over-drive.

    Bitajarod.com has suggested that the man who brought us such hits as She Bangs, and that other song with a Spanish name, is set to add previously unannounced dates to what will be his tenth concert tour, one of which will be Egypt. This of course won’t be the first time the Puerto Rican prince of pop has been; he was last in Om El Donya in 2006.

    While many will argue that the 43 year old is past his prime, his current tour includes over 40 different gigs across the world and the man who once hypnotized us all with his hip-gyrating antics in the late nineties is as big as ever in the Spanish speaking world. In his native Puerto Rico, August 31st is International Ricky Martin Day. True story.

    Stay tuned…

    By Ricky_Martin_Lover69