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  • Rhythm Roulette: Zigzag Lays Down Ultimate Challenge


    In its short lifespan, Zigzag has become one of the more unique – and, let’s face it, just plain cooler – nightlife and music venues in Egypt’s capital, channelling a side of the ritual of drinking-and-dancing that you’ll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

    This week, the Downtown venue is set to host a special night on Wednesday 2nd of March that will test the metal of the city’s producers and DJs in a pretty novel competition. Though details are still scarce on exactly how Marc Wahba and co will approach it, Rhythm Roulette traditionally sees producers given three random samples with which they are to make a beat out of  – see below.

    Now, it’s unlikely that Zigzag will be marching blindfolded producers into record shops, of course, but the general concept of Rhythm Roulette – one that has gotten the best of some very established producers in the past – should make for an interesting night for all involved. The showdown begins at 9PM, with one of the best in Cairo right now, Hassan Abou Allam, warming things up beforehand.

    For reservations, call 012-7560-2411.

    By Kalam El Qahaira