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  • “Redbull Fl Share3” Round Two Brings Cairenes’ Favourite Musicians!


    If you think gathering your friends at the same place and time for a birthday party is a tedious task, take a look at what Redbull is doing!

    Redbull fl Share3 is back, and they will be uniting hundreds and thousands of people in the name of music. Redbull’s first round of “fl Share3” in 2016 saw some of Egypt’s favourite bands and DJs perform in two governorates. This time around, 9 performers will be performing in 6
    governorates. The event will run on the 20th and the 27th of April. 

    Redbull’s lineup of performers will include Massar Egbari, the oriental and electro fusions of Disco Misr duo, the Afro-inspired tunes of Sharmoofers, Autostrad’s jazzy music, Aziz Maraka, Jadal, and much more!

    If you don’t know how it goes, Redbull fl Share3 is all about listening to music at the same time, but in different places. In other words, if Massa r Egabri is performing at 6 p.m. in Cairo, Disco Misr will be performing at 6 p.m. in Alexandria. So, buy your tickets and get ready for two amazing and unforgettable days spent in the presence of the bands you love the most.

    By Sara Mosharef