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  • R&B Singer Remixes Classic Nineties Disney Songs


    I’m a nineties kid and I’m proud of it; Beanie Babies, MSN Messenger, the Macarena – it was a glorious time that was made all the more glorious by Disney’s ‘Renaissance Period’. Think Tarzan, Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin and The Lion King. It was also a time when r&b was its finest, with the likes of Jodeci, Bell Biv DeVoe and Blackstreet providing the soundtrack to many a prepubescent life.

    One fellow appreciator of the nineties has fused these two phenomena together in the most outrageous of ways. Singer and YouTube celebrity, Todrick Hall, has turned what were once innocent Disney songs on love, hope and other soppy things, into a bumping and grinding, durrrty mishmash of r&b. Childhood ruined – in a good way.

    Hall is no stranger to music-based stunts, with his YouTube channel currently harbouring over 1.3 million subscribers having gained popularity via various short musical pieces, remixes and flash mobs. He’s so popular, in fact, that he is set to debut a new show on MTV this year. Check him out here.

    By Gemima Flashback