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  • Rami Malek Just Won an Emmy and it’s a Big Deal


    This morning’s trending news is that Egyptian-American actor Rami Malek, the lead in the excellent series Mr.Robot, has won his first Emmy Award as Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series, making him not only the first Egyptian to ever win an Emmy for acting; but also the first non-white actor to win.



    Malek’s fans and people who appreciate hot men rejoiced over the news, while Egyptians went mental on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr about his being Egyptian and winning; and can you blame us? Not only is he genetically blessed and very talented; but he’s the latest Egyptian that has made the the news for something positive this summer, along with the Egyptian athletes at the Paralympics and Olympics.


    Isn’t it nice to see an Egyptian trending on Twitter for winning something? Said Egyptian might only be half Egyptian/of Egyptian origin and lives in the USA,  but still – we’ll take it.


    Malek even more fans when he dedicated his win to ‘all the Elliots out there’, all the misfits and geeks who don’t conform, and then he gave some great quotes on giving immigrants a chance.


    But because the internet is also weird and full of spoil-sports and farts, Rami Malek is also trending because people can’t believe he qualifies as ‘non-white’, with others arguing that he can’t possibly be Egyptian and should be called African-American instead.


    While we can’t even get our heads wrapped around this stupidity, we’re still very happy Malek won, not only because he’s a half-Egyptian actor making us proud, but because he’s also changing people’s mindsets (at least on Twitter) about what Egyptians look and act like – and we couldn’t;t agree more with this last Tweet…


    By Samar El Shams