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  • Ramadan TV Guide ( Mosalsalat Ramadan )


    written by  Sid Cassim, CairoGossip Go to guy, when it comes to movies, tv and food. 

    Egyptians love drama, don’t we? We even call our TV shows “Drama telfzyonya” and the most dramatic TV series is always the best of the year.

    Ramadan is famous for its mosalsalat. No one knows how exactly Ramadan is related to mosalsalat but there is a good chance the TV channels started the mosalsalat tradition when they realized that us Arabs don’t leave our sofas after iftar because of the tons of food that we just ate. Plus we don’t stop here  but we keep stuffing our faces with more konafa, ba2lawa and other fattening desserts. So Ramadan became the perfect opportunity to make money by entertaining us while we are getting fat on our sofas.

    We saw some of this year’s previews and we think the following are the best dramatic tv shows of the year, so choose two or three of them to follow while eating ur konafa after iftar or while you’re bored at work in the morning.

    El da3ya:

    Hany Salama who is really famous for his cinema roles is doing a TV show this year called el da3ya and he is playing the role of a religious man who is attracted to a violin artist. The preview also showed some scenes from the Revolution so the story might also be related to ikhwan/revolution.

    Niran Sadika: 
    It’s a story about a group of friends who reunites again after years; it’s staring Menna Shalaby, Kenda Alosh and Ahmed Daoud. And it will be aired on MBC masr and Dream 1.

    Moga 7ara (Hot wave):

    This series stars the Jordanian Eyad Nasar and Rania Youssef and it’s adapted from a famous novel by Osama Anwar Okasha, which is a story about a big family called “ElAgaty” and its relationship with other families in Egypt. It will be aired on MBC masr and Dream 2


    We were so excited to watch this series last year but then the producers postponed it to this Ramadan.  The series is an adaptation of a famous novel but the story starts in the 50s and ends in the 2000s. It’s starring Nelly Karim who plays the role of “Zaat,” the main character of the story.

    Esm mo2akat:

    Just another suspense series starring Youssef ElSherif (El Mowaten X). If you’re a big fan of him we’re sure you will love this one.

    Asya (Asia):

    A story of a girl from a rich family called Asya (Mona Zaky). She traveled abroad and got married to a guy that she loves but they had a lot of differances. The drama doesnt start until she lose her memory and starts working as a belly dancer. The series is written by the same writer of Mowaten X and Taraf Talet and will be aired on MBC masr.


    Hekayet Hayah:


    Ghada Abd ElRazek is back with the same crew of last year’s most watched series ma3 sabk el esrar. It’s aired exclusively on CBC drama


    Farah Leila:

    We just saw the first episode of this series, it’s about a mid 40s breast cancer patient who works as a wedding planner. It doesn’t look that promising but it’s on literally all of the nile sat channels, so we’re sure you’re going to watch at least a few episodes of it while stuck on your sofa. It’s starring Leila Elwy.

    These were for the dramatic people, but if you’re into comedy shows/series we think the following are the best of this year.

    El Kbeer Awi – Part 3

    Ahmed Mekky is back, with one more character. So this year you’re going to watch 3 characters played by Ahmed Mekky in the same series. It’s going to be aired on CBC drama.

    El ragol el Enab

    This is a comedy series starring Ahmed Fahmy, Hisham and Chiko (Sameer w Saheer w Baheer). These guys are extremely funny so we’re sure this show is going to be extremely hilarious.

    Amreeka bel 3araby:

    Bassem Youssef’s famous OSN show is now for free on AlNahar.  We saw a couple of episodes before on OSN and it was really good. Make sure to watch it, it’s really entertaining.