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  • New Hassan El Shaffei Song Set to Be Summer Hit


    Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have heard Egyptian producer and singer Hassan El Shafei’s new song, Lessa Fi Kaman – a track that many are predicting to be one of summer 2016’s breakout hits.

    Officially released on April 22nd, the song features talented, fuzzy-headed guitar guru, Shady Ahmed, for what is an unavoidably catchy tune. But the road to the song’s release started a while back.

    Lesa Fi Kaman was found plastered across the most unlikely places in Cairo, including annual food festival, Cairo Bites, Sheikh Zayed’s playground of dining and hanging-out, Americana Plaza, and in the streets of the city as well as online and even before movie screenings at cinemas.

    This all built up to an exclusive screening of the track’s video at El Shafei’s personal studio, where an exclusive guestlist of influencers from the world of music, film and fashion were the first to see it.

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    Building on the success of 2014 ’s summer banger, Mayestahlooshee, Shafei’s latest single is all about positive vibes. Lessa Fi Kaman roughly translates to there’s still more and the name captures its spirit perfectly. There’s still more to hope for, there’s still more to explore, there’s still more to discover – essentially, there’s still more to life. You are the master of your own destiny; all you have to do is reach out and grab it – a sentiment that Pepsi is more than on board with.

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