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  • neobyrd interview


    is it a bird ? is it a plane ? NO ITS NEOBYRD !! you got to check out his music on facebook and sound cloud… 

    http://www.facebook.com/neobyrd      http://soundcloud.com/neobyrd

    This guy is LEGANDARRRYYYY …. EPICCC !!!!

    I am excited about this email interview … well enough with the introductions here it is 

    Okay let’s get the elephant out of the room, why do you perform with a chicken on your head? and chicken out of all animals ? 

    It’s meant to be a bird not chicken, why? ……i’m neobyrd

    Do you think other artists who don’t perform with a chick on their head are less superior to you? 


    Curious why a chicken mask, rather than lets say .. a COCK (aka roster) 

    It’s not a fu**ing chicken

    What are your musical influences?

    Depeche mode, Freddie Mercury, Michael Jackson…& I’m always a big fan of classic music (Eric Satie, Bach, Chopin)

    What do you think of the electro/indie music scene in Egypt?

    I don’t think there is any!

    When did you start feeling that you start succeeding?

    I’m still very far away from success… success is to accomplish something.

    If you make a music video, what would be like?

    It has to sort of resemble my name, neobyrd, i always have ideas of blending the classic elements and fantasies with what today’s technology can offer

    Which other Egyptian artist do you have a lot of respect for and why?

    I’ll have to say Aly & Fila, the guys have been achieving a huge world wide success.

    Back to the chicken head, did any body try to pull it off?

    Darling, i said it’s NOT A FUCKING CHICKEN HEAD!!!

    Have you ever just walked in the street with it?

    Can’t really remember, although it’s not so unlikely.

    What is the most embarrassing thing that happened to you?

    umm maybe girls who keep asking after shows “i wanna wear your mask/head and have a picture with it”

    Why does half of your facebook real profile has in it Micheal Jackson?

    I love him, my hero

    Are you seeing/dating/in a relation with someone?

    No, at all..just music

    What are the qualities you are looking for in your partner? is a chicken head or any sort of mask included ?

    I really have no idea, i’m still waiting for someone who can surprise me =) but i think she should be an artist in a someway

    When was the last time you were dating another chick ?

     hmm 5 month ago

    Why is your pubic hair showing in the profile picture of NEOBYRD fanpage? Are you trying to lure chicks?

    I think its very accidental, I like collage and weird photographs and this stuff

    When is your next up coming gig ?

    Friday 18/Nov at Stella Di Mare, 26/Nov at Munich/Germany, 19/Dec at Cairo Jazz Club