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  • Mr. Selfridge


    When i was going through new TV shows to download, and came across one called Mr. Selfridge that is  done by iTV, i naturally thought OOOWW EEEMMMM GEEEEEEE …

    1. Because i do like british TV, especially if it comes from iTV.

    2. It is about Selfridges, i mean one of the world largest department stores, the one that made department stores, its about the history of it AND HELLO FASHION!!!!

    So yes Mr. Internet please download for me one Mr. Selfridge.

    For those who do not like british TV, do not fret, this has the main character as an American, Mr. Selfridge himself. I personally never knew that Selfridge was from the States. so its actually easy to follow, without to much dark humor.

    The first episode guides you into the opening of Selfridges itself, and shows you how shopping was fun when you actually browsed through the items, when you felt it in your hand, in comparison with online shopping today.

    What i loved about the show is the emphasis on the window display they were showing how hard it is to get it … and well till today Selfridges are known for their amazballs window displays! I as a viewer of the TV Show who has been to the department store a few times. A person who when they walk on Oxford street in London,  seeing all those tourist walking around with their yellow bags plastered with a smile on their face like they made a huge accomplishment. Can relate to this show, seeing the building, seeing the corners of it, seeing the old inside halls of it .. makes me go, “ohhh so thats how it looked like in the past”

    the first episode was around an hour and 5 minutes, so its a long one but that is natural as per British standards. I think.

    but i definitely recommend this