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  • Mohamed Henedy Is Returning to the Stage


    What do you miss most about Mohamed Henedy? Is it his funny reactions, his charisma, or is it his plays?

    Henedy has cracked us up with his roles in plays like Afroto, Alabanda, and many more, which is why we were more than glad to hear that he will be returning to the stage. Yes, you read that right folks!

    The play, that was originally titled ‘Sera3 Fl Villa’, is now officially titled ‘3 Ayam fy El Sahel’. Mahmoud Mamdouh, Bayoumi Foad, Mohamed Tharwat, and Ahmed Fathy are joining the comedian king in this play. It is directed by Magdy El Hawary, and Henedy is playing the lead role; he will actually be playing the part of an old lady! He announced in an interview with Amr Adeeb that they haven’t decided on the exact launching date of the play, but Henedy hopes to launch it this October.


    By Sara Mosharef