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  • Meet the 12 STUDENTs! First Battle May 10!


    Meet the 12! … well well.. i was dying to find out who the 12 are, i was surprised to see some people i had my bets on didn’t make it to the cut. I was betting the Sebaie, Karim el Zanfally, Jena, would make it to the cut, but it seems its not only popularity (not that those mentioned names are in became of popularity)  that got these 12 to win! As you can see these 12 come from all different circle which shows that selection process was truly based on the talent that judges were looking for at beatcamp.

    I did have my my bets though on Fulltone, Aguizy & Fahim, Saleh Amin & Youssef as per my predications post!

    So  the “12 competitors, a great lineup of local & international DJs warming up the night’s breeze and the scrutinizing eye of selected judges ”

    and just to make it even sweeter the first night on may 10th Headlining for the Student DJ Program  will be no other than Sleazy Deep Records owner, producer and DJ,Rob Made! And the first battle’s contestants will be: Mostafa Emad and John Damien!!!!