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    We often complain none-stop how we only have 6-8 DJs that do the rotate in various nights in the same week. That it is the same recycled nights.

    We often forget that before this, it was only 2-4 DJs, then came redbeats in 2012 and infused in the scene fresh talent that made it possible from us to have from 2-4 … actually around 8-10 DJs

    and yet electrum record is doing it again. This wednesday they will introduce it to 30 djs to us who would go head to head and eventually we as cairo will vote for the winner in the STUDENT DJ competition. So yet again Electrum records will change our scene by introducing new local talent. Yet again electrum will change the scene as we know it.

    But as you know everything must go down with a big shindig. Well this wednesday’s shindig will be with Tube & Berger for the introduction… which would be an amazing night knowing those duo.

    To me personally, and to me as a gossip columnist/blogger, the most exciting new thing is the new Talent. Because that people is going to give new fresh material, that people would change our scene, that people would make things more exciting for us in Cairo. That people is what electrum has always been doing shaping up the nightlife behind the scene giving us always new talents. So thank you electrum.