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  • Mayounah & Amina Khalil on international radio!

    mayounah and Amina Khalil

    Yes you read the title right !

    mayounah and Amina Khalil

    They were featured on DJ WalterWall Radio show on IDEAL CLUB WORLD radio  for their song ON THE DANCEFLOOR… and Walter, couldnt say it any more right

    The Mayounah & Amina Khlal song is number 5 on his top 5 picks of the week…

    “based in cairo egypt they are the first female duo dj and vocalist to release a house track” … and he says its “quality”
    I am personally loving ON THE DANCEFLOOR, song… i love the lyrics, i love the music, i love the vocals !
    check out the whole radio show, and listen to Walter at minute number 10 introducing the song.


    p.s. note to the girls … howa akeed the love you speak of was not found on egyptian dance floors, akeed fe engiltera (england) ya3ni… el welad le hena me7tageen 7ar2 el nar