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  • Mashrou’ Leila Have Been Banned from Playing in Egypt

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    Controversy has followed the majority of Mahrou’ Leila’s existence, but now, the cradle of one of its most popular fan-bases, may have to wait a while to see them again. Following the group’s performance as part of the Music Park Festival on Friday 22nd September at Cairo Festival City, The Syndicate of Musical Profession has banned Hamed Sinno and co. from performing in Egypt until further notice, after fans raised the LGBT flag in support of the front-man.

    mashrou leila banned body 1Music Park Festival also featured Egyptian group, Sharmoofers, and Jordanian band, El Morabba3.

    In a TV interview, deputy of the Syndicate of Musical Profession, Reza Ragab, admitted that the role of the orgaisation is not to limit and restrict, but that the decision has been made because the band perform ‘abnormal art’.

    This is not the first time that Mashrou’ Leila have run afoul of authorities, having been banned from playing in Jordan previously; but it’s also not the first time the flag has been raised at one of the band’s Cairo concerts, with a similar incident occurring at an AUC concert last year.

    By Kalam El Qahaira