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  • Love, Peace, God & Africa: Looperia Project Debut Set to Bring Gnawa to Cairo Jazz Club

    looperia at cjc header

    Love, peace, god and Africa. These are the four pillars that hold up the temple of music that is the Looperia Project. Though you won’t find their name plastered anywhere, this unique, African-inspired band turn heads wherever they go.

    Usually found in the more obscure corners of Cairo’s music scene, the band are set to make their debut at Cairo Jazz Club on Saturday 9th – a day that CJC reserves for only the most unique live performers. It’ll be a breath of fresh-air for CJC regulars; Africa has always inspired local musicians, but Looperia’s acute use of the mysticism of Sufi music, the quirky, unpredictable rhythms of the Gnawa music of Morocco and their unabashed celebration of Mother Africa is fresh, energetic and, unlike so much music coming out these days, just rather jolly.

    Fronted by charismatic vocalist, Monia Salah, the band’s diverse approach to music and eclectic sound is reflected in the line-up; you’ll find a bass guitar; there’s plenty of oud in there; but also a Guembri – a unique skin-covered, three-stringed instrument whose body is carved out of a log. This blend of old and new, Sufi and Gnawa, Egyptian and African, all comes together for what is one of the most distinctive and unique sounds you’ll find anywhere in Egypt.

    For more information, check out Cairo Jazz Club on Facebook. You can also check out some of Cairo Jazz Club’s highlights here.

    By Samar El Shams

    (Header image: El-Kashef/Looperia Project Facebook)