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  • John Cena to Star in This Egyptian Film.


    Egypttoday.com reported that the Egyptian producer Hussien Al Qolla, and scriptwriters Mahmoud Hemdan and Mohamed Mehrez are creating a new movie called “El Tagroba el Mexicia”, and guess who is acting in this movie? John f***ing Cena!

    John Cena will appear as himself and, while it is said that another wrestler will also take part in the movie, nothing is confirmed yet.

    Mahmoud Hemdan announced that 60% of the movie will be filmed in Mexico, while only 40% will be filmed here in Egypt, and also that John Cena’s scenes will be filmed locally. The movie is an action-comedy; a relatively novel genre for Egyptian cinema.

    If you’re wondering how much John Cena was paid to appear in the film, well it’s definitely not the (falsely) reported 300,000 dollars; Hemdan commented that it was, in fact, much more. Well, that has nothing to do with us, we’re just super excited for this movie!

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